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Anuspa Heritage Products Pvt Ltd

Manufacturing Facility & Capacity

Parwanoo Plant

Located on a hill, our Parwanoo plant is uniquely designed as a 'Vertical Production Flow' using the advantage of 2 approach roads one at top of the hill and other at the bottom. 


The design takes advantage of production from Top-Bottom Flow where the entire manufacturing material flows from Raw Material to Finished Goods vertically at different levels using the natural advantage of gravitational force. 

  • Location : Himachal Pradesh — 40 Kms from Chandigarh airport.
  • Production capacity : 2.5 crore+ cakes/Month.
  • Nearest Sea Port : Kandla & Mundra Gujarat 
  • Plant Size : 35000 Sq feet.
  • License : Drug, Cosmetic & Ayurvedic
  • Nearest Dry Port : Ludhiana & Tughlakabad(Delhi) 


Manufacturing Lines 

  • LINE1: 1.2 tonnes per hour with 165 cakes per minute Stamping and Imported Auto Cartoning (Tuck-in and Pasting facility).
  • LINE2: 2 tonnes per hour with 500 cakes per minute Twin - Stamping & Wrapping and Banding facility. This line can manufacture 2 different grammage Sku of same variant simultaneously.
  • LINE3: 0.75 tonnes per hour with 180 cakes per minute Stamping and Wrapping/Cartoning multipurpose line.
  • LINE 4: 0.75 tonnes per hour with 120 cakes per minute Stamping and Manual Cartoning line dedicated to 5.5 PH soap. This Line is air conditioned. 
  • LINE 5: 20,000 cakes per day Transparent Soap line through Saponification or Melt-n-pour route with manual stamping.
  • LINE 6: 0.5 tonnes per hour with 120 cakes per minute Stamping, Pouching and Manual Cartoning line. 


Khopoli Plant

The Khopoli plant is strategically located close to the JNPT port which offers us convenience and economical logistics advantage when Importing Raw material and Exporting Finished Goods to International clients. 


The plant is located just adjacent to the Khalapur Exit of Mumbai-Pune Expressway and thus offers easy access from Mumbai as well as Pune. 

  • Location : Khopoli. Near Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • Production capacity : I crore+ cakes/Month.
  • Nearest Sea Port : JNPT-35Kms 
  • Plant Size : 25000 Sq feet. 
  • License : Cosmetic 


Manufacturing Lines :

  • LINE 1: 1 tonne per hour; Stamping and Wrapping 200 cakes per minute with 6 Cavity Stamper and 2 Wrapping machines. 
  • LINE 2: 2 tonnes per hour; Stamping and Wrapping 300 cakes per minute with Godrej & Boyce Hi-Speed 6 Cavity Stamper with 2 Wrapping machines.
  • LINE 3: 300kg per hour line for 5.5 ph and guest size soaps.
  • LINE 4: Dedicated to Liquids and handmade soaps. 


  • Pleat & Stretch

  • Soap Bundling

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